How to Host a Puzzle Club

  • Start with a solid core of three dedicated puzzlers.

  • Type of club depends on whether you are in an urban or suburban local.

  • Speak to your local library. Preferably where there is a separate meeting area and perhaps a storage area.

  • Start meeting once a month, this could be a Puzzle Exchange and puzzling.

  • Set a day and time –usually a 3-hour time slot.


Get the News Out

  • Flyers made to post in on notice boards and signage for the library on day of meeting.

  • Ask Library to announce the Jigsaw Puzzle Club on their website and literature for monthly events.

  • Set up a Hotmail or Gmail email address for the group.

  • Start collecting addresses of interested participants.  

  • Meetup is a subscription app to attract new members. (Cost depends on number of members -Monitor to under 50 members for to keep costs down.  Remove non active members on a regular basis over 40 members)


  • Have tables and  chairs  with some small puzzles (>100 pc)  to do.

  • One larger puzzle on a board,  to worked  on during the time. 

  • A sign up book to collect email address. 

  • We suggest the purchase of a cardboard display board to work on puzzles. Sorting boxes and large plastic  bags for storing sorted pieces for each puzzler


After a few meetings and as group increases the group itself can decide if they want to meet every 2 weeks or weekly. 

Happy Puzzling!